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Improving livelihoods from London to Tanzania


Branched takes healthy apples which are destined to be wasted and upscales them into uniquely flavoured apple chips and employ high-skilled immigrants who are struggling to find suitable work due to lack of UK work experience to manage the business.

Team Leader
: Aleksandra Gajewska

Team Members: Camille Chatakondu, Ithai van Emmerik, Yvonne Teng, Christie Chung, Natalie Tjakrawinata, Rahael Mathew, Catherine Munyarari, Sofie Jebsen, Maria Hamwi

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Light Mountain

Micro-financing entrepreneurs to sell clean cooking stoves in Tanzania in order to combat the high levels of both respiratory illness and deforestation in the region.

Every year, 2 million people die from breathing in toxic fumes from cooking over an open fire. These fumes are directly linked to respiratory illnesses, which is the leading cause of child death in developing countries. LightMountain aims to improve health, whilst generating income and creating sustainable enterprises for individuals living below the poverty line, using solar technology.

Team Leader: Clara Zourray (

Team Members: Eman Al-Sibassi, Karina Lam, Ines Crane, Sophia Malik, Giulia Iovino, Esteban Guzman Benitez, Natalia Jankowska, Zhi Ling, Kristina Stowasserova

hours volunteered
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